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1mm Wedge Levelling Kit
Promotional Price 1mm Wedge Levelling Kit The kit contains: 100 Crossheads, 100 Wedges and 1 p..
£ 35.22
Ex Tax: £ 28.63
Aquaboard Eco 1200 x 600 x 6mm
A specialist magnesium oxide tile backer board, Aquaboard Eco is used for creating a moisture resist..
£ 7.93
Ex Tax: £ 6.45
Bellota Flexible Work Bucket 42lt
Bellota Multi Purpose Flexible Work Bucket With Handles. 42 litre. Flexible soft-sided buckets wi..
£ 4.64
Ex Tax: £ 3.77
Botament D1 Speed 5kg
BOTAMENT® D 1 SPEED is a rapid multi-functional primer to prepare absorbent and non-absorbent substr..
£ 43.64
Ex Tax: £ 35.48
Botament M21p Flexible Adhesive
BOTAMENT® M 21 P is a flexible, white thin-bed adhesive for the fitting of almost all ceramic wall a..
£ 20.28
Ex Tax: £ 16.49
Concrete and Mortar Float 36cm x 19cm x 8cm
Concrete and Mortar Float 36cm x 19cm x 8cm Float for concrete, mortar and other surfaces. Pla..
£ 6.54
Ex Tax: £ 5.32
Levelling System Metal Pliers
Levelling System Metal Pliers. It levels easily with the help of the pliers. The wide wedge enabl..
£ 17.19
Ex Tax: £ 13.98
Levelling System Push 100 pieces
Promotional Price Levelling System Push 100 pieces This innovative system enables you to level..
£ 35.22
Ex Tax: £ 28.63
M54 Rapid Screed Binder 20kg
  BOTAMENT M54 is a rapidly setting screed binder on cement basis to produce compo..
£ 48.49
Ex Tax: £ 39.42
Mouldex Grout Cleaner 1 Litre
Helps the removal of mould stains caused by mould spores, fungus & algae from grouting including..
£ 11.37
Ex Tax: £ 9.25
Porcelain Cleaner 1 Litre
Gentle PH Neutral Cleaner For Interior & Exterior use.  Suitable for all types of Porcelain..
£ 13.47
Ex Tax: £ 10.95
Push Wedge 1mm Crosshead 200 pieces
Promotional Price Push Wedge 1mm Crosshead 200 pieces This innovative system enables you to le..
£ 17.19
Ex Tax: £ 13.98
Push Wedge 1mm Crosshead in Cross Shape 200 pieces
Promotional Price Push Wedge 1mm Crosshead in Cross Shape 200 pieces Save on wedges by us..
£ 17.19
Ex Tax: £ 13.98
Push Wedge 1mm Crosshead in T Shape 200 pieces
Promotional Price Push Wedge 1mm Crosshead in T Shape 200 pieces Save on wedges using these at..
£ 17.19
Ex Tax: £ 13.98
Sigma Clamping Knob m8x40
Clamping Knob m8x40 for Sigma Tile Cutter.   ..
£ 9.70
Ex Tax: £ 7.88
1mm Push & Level System Kit
1mm Push & Level System Kit. It saves time. You will be able to level the floor tiles quickly..
£ 39.23
Ex Tax: £ 31.90
After Tile Heavy Duty Cleaner 1lt
Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner is a specially developed concentrated cleaner suitable for use on most types..
£ 8.38
Ex Tax: £ 6.81
Aqua77 Tanking Kit
For a totally waterproof solution, choose Dukkaboard tile backer boards and Dukkaboard Aqua 77. T..
£ 57.30
Ex Tax: £ 46.59
Aquaboard XL Adhesive
A one part moisture curing adhesive which sets in 5 minutes.  Thixotropic gel 100% seawater pro..
£ 12.30
Ex Tax: £ 10.00
Bellota Tiling Spacer 1mm 200 pieces
Promotional Price Tiling Spacer 1mm 200 pieces Resistant and robust tile spacer manufactured i..
£ 1.72
Ex Tax: £ 1.40

Best Tile Online Store

Best Tile online store has been established to bring genuine Moroccan tiles to the forefront of interior design. The tiles from Morocco Spain and France are well known not only for their simplicity but their versatility and flair for colour. Why not visit the largest tile showroom in the Southeast of Ireland. We’ve got the biggest range of tiles and accessories available at the lowest prices.
Moroccan Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles have been used throughout the Islamic world for thousands of years in Morocco, France & Spain. Each tile is traditionally handcrafted by artisans using local materials. Moroccan Type Glazed Tiles This is a truly stunning range of tiles that will add real atmosphere wherever it is used.
Tiles in this range use traditional Mediterranean and Arabesque designs.
Indian Slate Tiles are a beautiful and versatile product that adds a feeling of warmth and timeless elegance to compliment or feature any design. Hand selected for texture and colour, Slate tiles create an exceptional surface. Metro Subway Tiles reflecting the splendour of Valencian tiles, some reflect ceramic tradition, carefully redesigned for contemporary decor. In design they have enjoyed the collaboration of prestigious designers. Victorian Type Tiles 10cm x10cm Wall and Floor Tiles. Reflecting the splendour of Victorian Type Tiles, carefully redesigned for contemporary decor. Victorian tiles collection captures the exquisite styling of the period. Handmade Terracotta Tiles are a classic floor covering timeless and not subject to the whims of current fashions. Terracotta, perfect traditional settings, with a character achievable with handmade tiles.
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