Inspecting & preparing your cement tile for installation


you just received your shipment. besides taking a moment to admire your beautiful tiles. please take the following steps:

please take care to inspect them prior to accepting them.
you only have 72 hours to report any issues with your order.


variations in thickness
variations in shade
variations in pattern
irregular edges
occasional chipped edges
and cracked or crazed surfaces
each of these qualities are a part of the natural appeal of your hand hewn cement tiles and should not be considered defects. encaustic cement tiles from clé are tiles cast from cement and natural materials, therefore they are subject to color and shade variations, also, please expect that your tiles have traveled a distance to your location. though clé provides your tiles pre-polished and pre-sealed, this finish is primarily to assist in the best traveling conditions and to help your tiles through the first stages of installation and formation of their patina. however, you should also expect the following results as a result of standard shipping conditions.

2-3% breakage is normal.
there may be dust and residue that should be cleaned from the tiles prior to installation.
stubborn residue is easily removed with water and rubbing with 400 grit sandpaper.
we would like to take this time to remind you to make sure all of your tiles are on your jobsite BEFORE you schedule the installation date. the single largest issue clients face when trying to schedule their install date is not waiting until all their tiles and setting materials are in place.



after inspecting your tiles and accepting them, be sure to store them properly while you await your installation date. you do not want to let your cases of cement tiles get wet. be sure to store all of them in a dry area. moisture or dampness can cause tiles to stain, cause color fading or damage the tile surface leaving cracks and pitting.



clé cannot be responsible for material that has been either cut or installed. insuring that your tile issues are addressed PRIOR to cutting or installing is because as we do not accept returns for tiles that have been altered or used. this also insures that you do not pay for installation of the wrong materials. clé does not pay for any installation, even if tiles are incorrect, damaged, or otherwise unacceptable.

throughout the installation process and handling of the tile, be careful not to damage the finished surface, edges and corners of the tiles.



and because each tile is handmade, one tile at a time, it is recommended that your installer mix the tiles from all of the different cases once they have arrived and several days prior to installation. blending is the key to insuring that your cement tiles share the array of variation in the magical manner for which they are famous. once blended, it is also good to allow the tiles to sit in their natural environment for a few days prior to installation, very much like hardwood. this allows the tiles to absorb the humidity of the space around them prior to installation.

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